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Our concept

An intimate and privileged cooking experience

View our selection of cooking experiences, select the restaurant or the cui sine that inspires you the most. On D-Day, take 15 minutes to review the restaurant's menu with the ch ef, and craft together your personalized cooking experience.

You choose. For real.

You are going to get the most of it: being 2 participants max, you can ask all the questions you want. It's actually encouraged ;-). If you are willing to participate in the coo king, you are more than welcome. If you simply want to observe, you can also. To sum it up: you're the boss of your experience.

Talented chefs with a heart

We spend a lot of time selecting the chefs for their talent and their cuisine, but also for their sense of empathy and their kindness. In our restaurants, you'll always be welcomed with open arms.

Give the gift of meeting a chef in his kitchen!

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