Behind every cuisine, a story to share

Our notion of cuisine

If cooking only responded to our primal need of feeding ourselves, we would have quickly replaced food with nourishing pills and be done with it! But luckily that’s not the case, far from it in fact. Our understanding of cooking is that, apart from simply feeding our bodies, it’s one of the highest forms of satisfaction and fulfillment. By adding select ingredients to your plate, by uncovering world cuisines and international culinary rituals and practices, and especially by giving you the chance to meet a culinary kindred spirit, we guarantee that you’ll experience something that you’ve never felt before. Our long-term objective? To create a true culinary conversation, one that’s made up of authentic flavors and sincere emotions.

Our international family

Our story begins when three epicureans meet: Marc, a marketing professional, Marine, editor-in-chief for beautiful gourmet projects and Alexandre, a creative developer always curious to know new recipes! 2 years after the beginning of their start-up, they cross the paths with Gitanjali, a Ferrandi-certified food consultant who help them open kitchens around the world. This joyful mix of talents, all passionate about cooking, allows them to offer experiences with great chefs that are personalized and focused on transmission. Our objective is simple: to create a strong and unique link between chefs and cooking enthusiasts!

The chefs

In order to lead the way towards our vision of restaurant kitchens without borders, the first task for OpnKitchen was to rally the chefs. But not just any chefs! Talent, while key, is not the only criteria. Neither are Michelin stars or any other ratings. For us, the most important thing is that the chef has a story to tell, and it’s one that always ends with the delicious emotions that bubble up when enjoying a stellar meal. The OpnKitchen team meets each and every single chef that we work with. We talk, we listen, and most importantly, we figure out the best way to offer an immersive kitchen experience on our platform that has a strong personal touch. We find the chefs that have stories to tell, and we let them tell you their story through the food they prepare in their restaurant. To any chefs who are interested in joining our culinary adventure and sharing their narrative with the world, you’re more than welcome to apply to join our community (just drop us a line!).

Our mantra: creativity, sharing, and confidence

Opening up a professional restaurant kitchen to the public is not as simple as it may seem! It’s a sacred space that’s turbo-charged with emotion. Many famous dishes and recipes were born out of error. And there are a million different ways to interpret the same recipe, according to who’s doing the cooking. So let’s put down the cookbooks and let our creativity reign! This creativity is especially promising when it’s shared by a collective group of people. And luckily, sharing is another one of our key values. From sharing a simple idea to handing down years of culinary learning and know-how, trust is essential when it comes to ensuring the sincerity of each shared story. We put these three key values together and let them simmer in our pot, and out came the unique experience that is an OpnKitchen immersion. Chef or participant, host or guest, we invite you to keep these values in mind when you embark on your next adventure!